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Welcome to GreaText
GreaText is a company that specializes in creating custom software. GreaText works closely with companies to design software built to suit their particular needs. It is located in Utah in the heart of the Rocky Mountains.
With a programming background spanning medical, engineering, accounting, retail, web and many other types of business, GreaText can code solutions to meet many different kinds of needs. Listening to needs and automating business processes is the focus of what GreaText does.
Every company is different, and so is every computer solution. Explore the site, discover more, and learn what GreaText can do for you.
Bridging the gap between business and technology
Neil Dennis founder of GreaText, is a graduate of the University of Utah and is one of the few 4D Developers with an actual degree in computer science. (see his resume) He has been programming since 1983 and started working with 4D in 1990. In 1997 he started Future Technologies which later relocated to New England and became GreaText. In 2010 GreaText relocated to North Ogden Utah where it resides today.
GreaText uses 4D by choice, but has experience in many scripts, languages and databases including but not limited to 4D 1.x - 4D 2004, 4Dv11, 4Dv12-4Dv17, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, iOS, Android, Sybase, Oracle, MySQL, Java, C++ and may others. No matter what solution you are looking for GreaText can create it.
You are not alone
Creating a complete custom solution for your company may at times seem like an overwhelming task. Whether you are just beginning and not sure what you want or if you have had time to think and you know exactly what you want, or anywhere in between, GreaText will be there to help you along the process.
Like building a dam, one block at a time, GreaText uses an interactive development process. This means you receive releases of the code, frequently, so that you may see the solution develop. Changes and adjustments can be made through the development process. This is more cost effective in that changes early on are easier and cheaper to make than needed changes found late in development.
Hassle free and cross platform
GreaText is ahead of the others by maintaining a "No Hassle" software agreement. This means that at anytime, clients of GreaText, may obtain a copy of the source code they have paid for. This gives GreaText clients freedom and peace of mind knowing their technology is owned by them and safe. GreaText clients are free to seek alternative developers, GreaText knowing this works hard to make sure they meet any and all client needs.
GreaText specializes in creating custom solutions using 4D. Software created by GreaText will run on both Windows and Macintosh Computers. So no matter what your platform GreaText code can meet your needs.
Not sure where to go from here...
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4D and the 4D logo are registered trademarks of 4D Inc. GreaText and the GreaText logo are registered trademarks of GreaText.
Feel free to contact us:

716 East 1850 North
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(515) 333-2546
No client is too big or too small
GreaText has worked with many different companies of many different types and sizes, from one man to fortune 500, from bug fixes to complete solutions. GreaText has created applications for Insurance, Robotics, Manufacturing, Transportation, Retail, Medicine, and eCommerce industries, just to name a few.
Many of the clients of GreaText prefer to remain anonymous to protect their business processes from competitors. GreaText respects that right of privacy and has made a policy to not disclose a client list. You may be assured we will do the same for you. We let our reputation and longevity speak to our integrity and quality of work.
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